Music may be the universal language, but that doesn’t mean it should all sound the same. There are a lot of people speaking the language of music, but most of them don’t really have anything new to say.

Lingo is different. This is a band with their own secret language, as their name would indicate. There are familiar components, to be sure—ripping guitar solos that evoke the Allman Brothers, African and Latin grooves, soulful vocals, thoughtful lyrics. Still, the result is unlike anything else out there, and if you open your ears wide enough, you can tell Lingo has something to say.

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Senorita - Lingo 04

Senorita - Lingo 04

Lingo performs 'Senorita' (part 3) at the Funky Bu...

7 years 11 months ago by DeJamVu viewed 3,163 times.
That Fool - Lingo 12

That Fool - Lingo 12

Lingo performs 'That Fool' at the Funky Buddha Lou...

7 years 11 months ago by DeJamVu viewed 3,035 times.
Mountain Blue - Lingo 05

Mountain Blue - Lingo 05

Lingo performs 'Mountain Blue' at the Funky Buddha...

7 years 11 months ago by DeJamVu viewed 2,643 times.
Senorita - Lingo 03

Senorita - Lingo 03

Lingo performs 'Senorita' (part 1 & 2) at the Funk...

7 years 11 months ago by DeJamVu viewed 3,033 times.
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