Flipped - Dopapod - 07

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Dopapod plays Flipped,live from Hurricane Bar & Lounge November 7, 2010

Tagged: Dopapod, Live, Music, Video, www.dejamvu.com, Hurricane, Bar, BLP, Brotherly, Love, Production

Genres: Trance, Reggae, Psychedelic, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Experimental, Electronic




Dopapod exists at the crossroads of full throttle intensity, deep pocket groove, intricate technicality, and limitless experimentation. With no regard towards limiting themselves t... [view full info]

Albums from this artist: Tracks  
Drawn Onward 10 itunes $9.9
Radar 11 itunes $9.99
Mended Heart's Band Together Compilation for Charity (2011) 14 itunes $9.99
I Saw Live Dopapod, Evil Was I 7 itunes $9.99
Other songs by this artist:    
play Happy Song 2:56 itunes $0.99
play Flipped 9:12 itunes $0.99
play Nuggy Jawson 7:08 amazon $0.99itunes $0.99
play New James 4:45 itunes $0.99
play Turnin' Knobs 7:03 amazon $0.99itunes $0.99
play Black and White 7:22 itunes $0.99
play Bats In the Cave 8:15 amazon $0.99itunes $0.99
play Freight Train 5:43 itunes $0.99
play Eight Years Ended 5:08 amazon $0.99itunes $0.99

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