About DeJamVu

DeJamVu is all about experiencing the music first-hand but most of us know about those complicated times where, for one reason or another the music could not be heard live. To all those people who understand what we are talking about, we gladly provide you with DeJamVu! In our ultimate goal to provide an online source for sharing live music and ultimately letting others Re-Experience the Music, via DeJamVu.com. If you would like to take part in this up and coming community please take note; become a member, bookmark, add to your favorites, link us on the many other online communities we take part in and ultimately spread the good word! We look forward to your responses and look forward to interacting with others wanting to take part in DeJamVu.

DeJamVuĀ® is a licensed new media publishing and distribution service focused on music for users to Re-Experience the Music!

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